Terms & Conditions

BOGO GIRL is the largest and most reputed platform to cast fresh models with exclusive high end westernised shoot along with their bio-story to showcase talent at par with national content. To apply for BOGO GIRL one should go through and tick with the following terms and condition for getting featured in and as BOGO GIRL. The term and conditions are as follows as on 10.07.2021 onwards :-

  1. BOGO GIRL is a high end westernised shoot with four chances of western attires. Two chances of attire is normal western outfits and the rest two is swimwears.
  2. All the photographs are shot by BOGO MAG and are exclusively featured in www.bogomag.com and www.bogogirl.com only.
  3. Very few photographs are posted in the official Facebook and Instagram page of BOGO girl. But no swimwear photographs of the models are posted in Facebook official.
  4. Photographs of BOGO GIRL are exclusive right of the BOGO Magazine so any uploads without permission are subject to copyright legal dispute.
  5. As all initiatives and expenses are bore by BOGO Magazine to promote every featured girls and also as it is internal photofeature , it’s an non-paid shoot for the featured models.
  6. Models featuring in BOGO GIRL will be paid a travelling allowances of Rs 1000/-  while participating in the shoot. Amount of Rs 1000/- will be paid via bank transfer only after 10th day of the shoot. No request for cash payment will be entertained.
  7. Only photographs featured in the official Facebook of BOGO GIRL page will be given as the value of participation to the models. No further request of photographs will be taken into account.
  8. If further models are requesting for more photographs then its payable at the cost value of Rs 500/- per photographs (digital only).
  9. To contact BOGO GIRL help desk mail at hi@bogomag.com

NOTE : Any legal dispute are subject to Kolkata jurisdiction only.