Hello everyone, my name is Tania Mal. I’m graduated student, and I started my new career in modelling very recent, due to my interest in fashion and the impact it had on the world.

I have a little stage fear. Few of my hobbies are listening songs, home gardening, watching movies, travelling and I’m a dog lover. My starting in this profession was not smooth, I have to struggle a lot in initial days. Along the way I’ve met all kinds of people,  some people encouraged to do better while some people discouraged me. I keep learneing so much form this field each and every day.

This photoshoots are the reflections of my hard work. Rajib sir give me a chance to work on my passion, help me do what I love the most, which give my life a purpose and guide me in every way possible through the platform of BOGO Girl. It has been an honour for me to work with him. So thank u so much Rajib sir, I hope to work more with Rajib sir and his team and I wish all the best to them on their future endeavours.