Hi everyone! A huge warm hug for all the readers. My name is Sulagna Bose, A 26 years old, i am complicated my graduation. I am a dancer. I am energized, fun loving girl. I feel peace when I’m on the floor, when lights and camera are focusing on me. I respect and enjoy my work at the same time.

Coming from a middle-class family, my mom has been my biggest and only supporter. She has always encouraged me for whatever I wanted to learn. So I never stopped myself from learning, Suddenly the turning point came in my life, when our dearest Rajib Sir gave me an opportunity to feature in his “BOGO GIRL SHOOT”. I was delighted as I always wanted this opportunity. As a person, he is a good human being, very humble. His ideas are always creative, he made sure that everyone is unique and noticeable. He is one of the greatest teacher I’ve ever met, very carefully he looks over his students. A big thanks to Rajib sir for guiding me with so much patience and ❤Love n I feel proud to ba part of this family

Now lastly, to all those girls who are aspiring to become a model, start living your dreams, never give up , start believing yourself, be focused, be dedicated and also need a good guidance-these are the keys to your success. Sending love, Sulagna Bose.