As humans we tend to grow, evolve and learn every single moment.
Life has never been much fair to me if i say so. I have had more number of lows than highs. It is always this positive thing inside me that keeps me going even on my darkest days. Everyone who comes across me tends to perceive we as this exuberant, lively, social girl. But surprisingly even though I know many whom I can call ‘friends’, there are only handful of them i can count on in life. I have learned the hard way the meaning of ‘self-love’ and ‘me-time’. I would like to call myself a workaholic so much so that i tend overexert myself. Anything happens i drown myself in work. But overtime inhave learnt to take it easy and enjoy life as it comes.
Right from childhood i had this inherent love for fashion. So i decided to turn this love into something more serious and here I am pursuing a career in the fashion and entertainment industry. And someday i hope to make big in here.
I want to influence the world and my surroundings in my own way. I say this everytime that to achieve something in life you have to believe in yourself otherwise nobody is going to believe in you. Make every moment count, make mistakes and most importantly learn from them. It takes that small effort, that little bit of hardwork, that small trust in yourself that you can do it. And I can promise you that universe will take care of the rest.
Fashion inspires me everyday. Be it an outfit, be
it a bright coloured scarf I am never tired of it. There’s so much to do in this space, so much to experiment that sometimes I wonder how am I going to achieve everything I want in one lifetime? I am trying to make the most of everything and in the end even if it doesn’t workout accordingly atleast I will know that I had given my cent percent.