Hello everyone, my name is Rashmi Bajaj. I’m a college student. I started my career in modelling as a teenager in college due to sheer interest in fashion and the impact it had on the world. I’ve always had a knack for co – curriculum activities since school days, hence I don’t have any kind of stage fear.
Calling myself an extrovert indirectly. I’m a lover of literature and few of my hobbies rather specialities include cooking, dancing, swimming and recitation as well. As we all know life is like a rose, we get to enjoy it’s essence and also have to bear the pain of it’s thorns at times. Similarly, I’ve had my shares of pain and struggle while starting from level 0 in this industry which was totally new and foreign to me. And along the way, I’ve met all kinds of people, some encouraged me to do better and never leave hope while some.
Well, let’s just bunk that part!! I think I can never say that I’m a professional as I learn so much from this field each and every day. These photoshoots are not just anything to me, they are my identity, my hard work, my dedication and most importantly my passion. And people like Rajib Sir give us a chance to work on our passion, help us do what we love the most, give our lives a purpose and guide us in every way possible through the platform of BOGO Girl. It has been an honour for me to work with him.
I have shown a lot of eagerness to have a chance to work for Rajib sir because I remember seeing a great many eminent models and brands working for him. One of them, being Anisha Mukherjee ma’am who herself was the guest of honour / judge a fashion contest named Miss Fashioinista at the event Elixir organised by B. P Podder Group of Colleges at City Centre 2,of which I was later declared the winner. Hope to work more with Rajib Sir and team and I wish all the best to them on their future endeavours! ❤️