Hello , my name is Priyanka Sardar . Currently I am pursuing my under graduation degree . As an individual I am fond of dancing and reading . I am also a trained Oddisi dancer . An ambivert by nature .

Talking about the fashion world I am quite new to it but not unknown as a child watching pageant to wishing to someday be there on stage with the crown on my head , to growing up with the dream . I was aware of my passion for the fashion world . I would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to learn the poses and getting the expression right . Walking in heels all day in home to get the walk right I have done it all . I may may not have conquered it all but will someday , as I believe if you can dream it you can achieve it .

This year I participate in my very first pegeant “eisamay Dipti “ and was among the top 5 contestants. Working with Rajib Barua Sir was a wonderful and welcoming experience, I am grateful to him and BOGO GIRL Team for giving the opportunity to do so .