I’m Parnashree Halder. I love to travel in different places, wear new dresses, see different looks of mine in front of mirror. I love to stand in front of the camera, no actually I’m addicted to hear the sound of Sutter down the camera. I m a medical student. From Murshidabad Medical College I completed my GNM degree.

I love myself. I love to do fashion and strongly believe in myself. I also love to work out by Yoga, Gym or Zumba. I don’t have any sad part of mine, though my family supporting me a lot. I m strong enough to handle anything because I believe in myself.

I have one life, a beautiful gift form the God and I will live my dreams. I wanted to do Modelling at the age of 16 but as I also wanted do a job for survival, so I started  modelling at the age of 21 years. At first I did my portfolio then I did some fashion show and some photoshoots finally then I stepped into this modelling industry.

I haven’t learned a lot from this industry and so am still learning everyday. I worked for Banarasi Niketan, Sajsutra, Uttariya and some other boutiques. I did some cosmetics shoot Bio-Care, Olyo and also I do some ramp show, photo shoot for Designers also for some photo shoots for photographers. I want to be an celebrity so I want to do acting in movies or serials in future. It can touch people’s minds through my work. I also have a dream to be a Miss India so that I can do something for the country or society with my beauty and career in this modelling industry.

I thank immensely to the entire team of BOGO GIRL for featuring me as their BOGO COVER GIRL of the Edition June 2020, Issue V.