Hi, my name is Namrata Bose. I am 20 years old. Living in Kolkata. I have a huge passion for modelling and i love being infront of the camera. Apart from that i am pursing MBBS, am not only studying to save lives, but also has choosen modelling as a career because it gives me happiness. I like to spend my free time with animals, children’s and elderly people. Feeding the street dogs and cats are ultimate pleasure for me. I always try to help the poor people. My hobby is dancing, cooking, travelling.

I believe that hard work and dedication is the only way to get success in life. My wish is to left my footprints all over the world before i die. I believe that modelling is not just beauty and smile, it takes boldness and style. My future aim is to be a strong women who can wear her pain like the stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see its mere beauty. And also a women who can cure others in pain. I have started my modelling career by working for bogo girl.

I would like to thank Mr. Rajib Barua for giving me this opportunity and for the grooming and expressing me in my best looks in the frame.