I am Monalisa Mukherjee. As my name raises many implications like it I faced numerous obstacles to achieve something what I am today.Born into a Bengali family, brought up in Kolkata and belong to Army family. So since my childhood I learnt to be dedicated and bold in every aspect of life.

I completed my Masters in English and after that I started my career as English teacher and myths say, you will be there where u are meant to be! Suddenly I got offer from modelling, the feeling was surreal! Because I didn’t learn any skills of this field! But I had that confident in me somehow to face the camera! So all went on which was predicted for me.

People told me it’s a hardest thing to do, as I am only person in the family who walked on this! And giving my best to fulfill my soul’s desire, looking forward to achieve more. I am a trained dancer,a painter,a teacher and an Artist now !

To me BOGO Girl has become an integral part as I got to learn the real modelling skills from Rajib Sir, the way he taught me some poses and gave me the opportunity, that really changed my working style and skills after working. I am grateful to get featured in BOGO GIRL. Thank you. All the gratitudes towards BOGO GIRL and Rajib Sir 🙏 And in future I want to work more and more with the Team and Sir 🙏.