Koyeliya Lahiri.. A gemini soul wrapped in colourful personality who made it all the way from a middle class conservative family to a professional model and actress.. That’s how people knows me.. But there’s a different side of koyeliya as well.

A fatherless girl who took mature responsibilities at a very young age but too stubborn to give up on her dream to be a known face in this world.. It’s wasn’t a easy and I’m still working hard to make it bigger. But in this journey I invented a different side of me.. The liberal me, the passionate me, the courageous me. So when I look back to the day when I started doing events as a professional dancer or winning the sharad sundori beauty pageant in kolkata or doing several brand and designer shoots in Delhi n Kolkata or making my debut in tollywood movie with the movie ‘ JaanBaaz’.

I finally know no matter how impossible the dream looks like if you are too stubborn to give up you will achieve it one day..and I’m thankful to those who supported me in this long journey and I will work hard even more to value the amount of love and support I’m receiving every day. Working with Mr. Rajib Barua for the most renowned BOGO GIRL was one of the amazing work experience I ever had.

Rajib is creating a platform for all the fresher n senior models to show their real self and personality. This is an amazing opportunity to highlight your journey or yourself and I appreciate him for that. Loved working with this creative yet very much down to earth person. Good wishes for his future projects.