Hello everyone!
Greetings of the day.

My name is Baishali Dey, A 21 years old, fun loving, bubbly girl. I am pursuing my graduation and my passion too.
I feel complete when I am on the floor, when lights and camera are facing me, I will be out of words to express my love towards the passion and the modelling industry.
All I can say is I respect and enjoy my work.

Coming from a military family I have never learnt to give up and never indulge unjust. My family has been my biggest support. They have always encouraged me for whatever I wanted to learn they all want me to be happy and independent. Due to this behaviour in my family I have never stop myself from learning and exploring. I proudly say, whatever I am today, It’s all for my dearest family and friends.

I am a member of an charity and coordinator of an animal welfare team. I have immense love for animals, I believe in the vision of providing a safer and better place for animals and I am working hard to achieve that goal. All I want is to see all the animals are free from physical abuse, torture and living a life peacefully and happily. I am an emotive girl who can’t stop herself from helping others. I have promised myself that I will be there for everyone when they will need me. I strongly believe in humanity and Karma.

It was a turning point of my life when Rajib sir gave me an opportunity to feature in BOGO girl.
I was filled with joy because I always looked up an always admired his work. He is a high-spirited person and fun to work with. His ideas are always very creative. As a person he is very humble and always there for his students and other team members. He is one of the great teachers I have ever met I am really thankful to God that I experienced a turning point like this and ofcourse thanks to Rajib sir for guiding me my path.

To all those young girl who questions yourself for pursuing your dreams, especially dreamt being a model. I would say start living your dreams and never give up on you. You just need a good research, guidance and start believing in yourself.
Be focused, be true to yourself, stay dedicated, these are the keys to your success.

Sending love,