Hi, my name is Ananya Bhattachary .I am 21 years old.I have just completed my graduation.I have been slowly but steadily making my progress in the fashion and acting industry for one and a half years now. I am an introvert by nature . I love to read books on detective and thriller stories .

I have done various photoshoots, some commercial shoots of saree boutique and bridals .With the proper support from the seniors of the industry we can shine brighter. I have also acted in some short films, music videos . Since I don’t know what is waiting for me in the future I just want to enjoy the present moments and everything that I’m doing right now.

I feel I’m very lucky to have an supportive family and love who have been supporting me from the very beginning. Working with Rajib Barua, creative director of BOGO GIRL, GOGZ, MADLY BANGALI etc. renowned brands, was a fabulous experience, I don’t really have enough words to thank him and his team.

Thanks a ton Rajib and BOGO GIRL for my exclusive brilliant photos and bio feature. Lots of love.