Hi , my name is Muktaa. I am gradually making my mark in the fashion and acting industry for past two year now I also hold a name in hotel business in God’s own land GOA. I love to drive long distance, guess I drove half of our country since I took the driver seat. Dancing, acting, painting are also a definite part of my passion along with modeling and acting.

Even though I have a very close connection with both fashion and acting industry yet I had to make my own way through all by myself with no reference to back me up. Well never mind but through this journey all that I have learn is ” I am my own god and I am my own competition “.

To add joy to my progress …
Also been a celebrity guest to O’SHEA HERBAL in Color’s Bangla again. I have also own PICTOART ” ART & FASHION AWARD 2020″ My acting skill was first showcased in a music video directed by Ranadeep sarkar (Ranny) under the banner La pelicula Motion pictures.

Even though I have worked with some bunch of award winning names (Photographers) it was a very lucky day when spotted by Rajib Sir now turned buddy, really blessed. It has been a wonderful and life time experience working with him since there is so much to learn from him and execute in this industry for a better future. Heart filled thanks to my good friend Rajib and BOGO GIRL for all the exclusive, brilliant photos and the bio that is featured.
Loads and loads of best wishes to my buddy Rajib and BOGO GIRL.